Vignettes of a Protean Sun


red sky at dawn
at dawn the sun
bleeds as festering wound
on cloud-wrinkled
skin of drowsy, azure morn,
leaving a poetry
of vermilion scrolled
on infinite papyrus of blue.
dusk sky
at twilight hour
variegated eructations
of a retiring sun
glows as graffiti on
the grey tinted visage
of cloud freckled canopy,
creating a brocaded quilt
spread to welcome
the rising amber moon.
autumn sun
the sun of autumn
is a softly glowing topaz
lying on velvet sky
frilled in sublime clouds,
it is mellowed, burnished
in the cauldron of time
and softly echoes with
reverberations of yester years
as cinnamon contemplation.
winter sun1
winter sun rises with
lethargic yawn to shiver in
the drizzling snowflakes
and wears a shawl of grey cloud
to ward away the chill,
while geriatric eyes peer
through flimsy curtains of mist
to sprinkle photon’s gold
on the earth’s face as a miser.
summer sun1
at acme of summer
sun blazes in tangerine flames,
etching cascading rivulets
on hillsides from sweating peaks
of sublime snow
kissing vagrant clouds,
and breathes fire into sinews
of the otherwise cool wind,
that cooled by showers
of whimsical summer rain alone.


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