Enamored by Twilights…


I love sunsets
with their bittersweet moods,
orchestra of birds’ homecoming,
and cicadas symphonies,

the colors splashed on
skirts of azure, bodice of clouds,
like a palette of colors
carelessly overturned on skies,

the golden cookie
baked a burnished shade
seen being swallowed by
gluttonous tides of cerulean,

leaving a sigh of molten acrylics
frozen on cheeks of blue,
and silhouettes to drape
the vanishing daylight.

dusk brings with it
a moment of tranquil reverie,
of contemplation in quietude
besides sepia flashbacks
from winding alleys of memory,

and within palm of solitude
I recall the crook of your arm wherein
I rested oft at twilight hour,
our silences speaking louder than words
in eloquent quiet we sat
cuddled together seeing another day
die leaving shimmering stars.


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