Memoirs of the Sapphire Lake…


rippling mirror of chatoyancy is
kissed by sun-rays to brocade
azure bosom in shooting stars
or fireflies in open-eyed siestas
and caressed by breeze
to etch rivulets on serenity.

whispers tales of
frost fingered winters draped
in mist blankets, when in
sun’s yawn of lethargy,
ice skaters raked frozen breast,
scrolling psalms of love
and breathing hymns to nature.

it also sings serenades of spring,
sharing lyrics fragrant with
sighs of lotuses and water hyacinths,
and memories of humming moths
like yellow emblems of vagrancy, in flight
with butterflies’ sagas writ
in diaphanous tapestries that fluttered.

reminiscences of sultry summer breeze,
are shared with anecdotes of fishing
as men’s borrowed from crane’s concentration
to dangle baits for luring the foals of fish
leaving remembrances of petulant faces
and shrieks of delight coalesced together
as a celebration of the golden summer,
mingling in the quixotic songs of crickets.

autumn with its pastels of mandarin
bronze and gold is recalled fondly
for caressing verdant grass with Midas’ touch
while trees stand naked of olive raiment,
as withered feathers of tangerine float
like shriveled promises on fluid bosom,
and rain wreaths symphonies like a jal-tarang
on cerulean realms with quaint strains
reverberating from croaking frogs.


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