Alleys of December…


pine in snow1

within silver boudoir of December,
wrought in shivers of chill
wherein pine trees stand tall
with their aromatic sigh blending
in ladled marmalade of snowflakes
resembling citadels of sublime,
and mornings are like warm treacle
poured on landscape contours.

frosted windows

Boreas howls through boughs
covered in foliage rustles
ailing with frostbite and knocks
with invisible knuckles on windowpanes
bejeweled in honeydew frost,
days are abbreviated sighs of
soft, volatile gold~ warm with
glow of waning embers of nature,

winter sun

sun is a lethargic shadow of
glorious summer sun like gold coin,
the night is freezing and lonely
like a widow weeping
as it gazes at the topaz moon
aglow in her wedding band,
the hanging curtains of mist drape
sublime world in ambiguous oblivion,
only to be melted reluctantly
by geriatric winter sun.

frozen lake 8

lakes are frozen, their ripples caged
beneath shimmering veneers of ice,
trees are devoid of flowers,
nuances of spring yet to brocade
bland, colorless horizons,
twilight is only organza of nature
that abounds in versicolor graffiti,
song of winter in hushed whispers
of falling wisps of snow,
peppers world in frozen syllables…


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