Platter of Salad Poetics…



winter mischief ripens
into country bumpkin blushes
on orbs palmed in hazel herbs,
to be sliced into simpering grins
salted and peppered over
by preoccupations of appetite in
their sweet-sour resplendence.


citric sighs within yellow rind
hanging from thorny branches
as multiple globes like winter suns,
are knifed into juicy halves
to sprinkle their tangy juices
in dewy beads of freshness.


concentric circles of onion whorls
pealed and spliced, punctuated
in streaming falsities of crocodile tears,
are like verses of pink and white
layered in delicious patterns
on hungry dishes of sustenance.

green chillies

scissored green chillies
are sprinkled in tiny, hot bits
to be savored with bland bites of rawness
and washed down burning tongues and throats,
with gulped sips of cold water.

radish, carrot, turnip

pulled out from soil’s gritty womb
turnips, carrots and radishes,
are washed and cut in thin rounds
adding a medley of colors to blandness,
to be served with a dash of lime,
salt and pepper in fragilities of china.


cucumbers are sliced into green wheels~
summers vows of juicy freshness,
with smatterings of salt and spices
on arranged plates of sumptuous salads,
with a golden trickle of olive oil
gracing moods of fresh morsels.


a colorful blend of cut salad
arranged as a jigsaw of taste on china,
is served as luscious dream
with versatile flavored seasonings,
to lure starved appetites
with healthful promises
against tasteful delicacies.



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