Introspections of Whimsical Fall…


sunshine dapples in volatile golds
rustling symphonies of autumn’s cobblestones,
like rain songs drizzled on muddy trails
by vagrant whimsy of tempest clouds,
or a painter indulging in experiments
with paints, aisle and brush strokes.

intrigue of sunbeams filters
through stoic temperament of evergreens,
etching chiaroscuros through sieving leafage,
while they remember the gossips
shared with neighboring deciduous foliage
in balmy longevities of summer days,
now denuded of gregarious moods,
standing silent in cerise sighs of dawn.

forlorn autumn moon is citrus sigh
lingering from spring’s breath,
perched over quietudes of skeletal apostles
like cranes meditating on rippling lakes,
while the mandarin sun emerges
in eructations of whimsical morns scented
in flavors of cinnamon rolls and apple tarts.

indulging in contemplations on fall’s days
aromatic in words withering from maple limbs
tinted in variegated pastels,
with unfurling saga of reiteration
rejuvenation and reincarnation scribing itself
in unvoiced scribbles of poetry,
life seeks to redefine conventions of existence.


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