A Moment of Deja vu


this serpentine trail
to nowhere stretching beyond
the cleft between
mountain’s mounds,
like a ribbon of
eternal tempest’s gray,

the gurgling stream
of silver ripples flowing
as a symphony over shingles,
to meet the eternal embrace
of tides of brine,

the blush of dawn
streaked over chiseled profile
of the ancient hills,
that stands tall to
kiss clouds sailing overhead,
and stroke the face
of freckled platinum moon.

the spread fields of lavender
scenting the nostrils of zephyr,
that smile in the sunshine
as a frozen kiss of twilight
blossoming in nature’s arms,
and beckons the butterflies as
they sleep within their chrysalis.

that deserted cottage
standing since many decades,
its walls replete with creeping brocade
of variegated wildflowers,
and a thousand unrealized dreams
and un-flowered hopes echoing
within its palpable quietude.

they all seem so familiar
though never have I ventured here,
yet it feels to be so known,
eager to share its secrets
and listen to my escapades,
as though in another time
beyond banks of blooming narcissus,
this place and I shared a yesterday,
long erased from pages
of volatile memory…


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