We Are Lovers…


within rugged touch of your calloused palms
I flow as serenade of rippling desires,
restrained from overflowing by caressing embrace,
that gilds my life in sunshine sighs,
the molten honey of your gaze is my mirror
reflecting reverberations of my dreams,

within the embracing warmth of your arms
I flower as dulcet evensongs from
lips of red hibiscuses and variegated tulips,
echo as carefree laughter of silver waterfalls,
become the whispered epistle of vagrant fall
that resonates in cinnamon words of whimsy.

when the leafage in rustling salsa dance
and freckle the sublime veil of sunrays in shadows,
you turn my tears into honeydew and
lace my despair in swirling scents of lavender,
adding rainbows to my raven nothingness
and locust’s oxymoron strains to my eventides.

you are the frangipani within whose womb
hide the fireflies of my fluorescent desires,
like strummed vibrations of guitar strings
which pepper life’s vacuous days in melodies,
your words are the poetic incantations
that rejuvenate the songs of golden smiles.

you gather me in your nurturing arms
as hursinghars from dawn’s redolent threshold,
frozen frost o’er window panes of existence
is like the fragmented rainbow piece you gather
to brighten my days with resplendent hues,
within the enchanting warmth of your love
I glow as serene radiance of amber moon.

wisteria clouds at eventide drape
azure expanse with last dying daylight dredges,
just as you envelope my realms in passion—
lingering on the horizons of my self
you brocade my silences in refulgent whispers,
softly cradling my aspirations within cupped palms,
you treasure them like pearl within oysters.

with your touch flowing over my skin
in trickles of sunshine treacle,
scribing obscure hieroglyphs of ecstasy on me,
you are the euphoria of the tides of love

spooned together with limbs entwined
we simulate the grape vine and bold trunk,
we are angels on earth waiting for
the wing of celestial glory to grow
and for us to emerge on stained glass dreams
from world’s chrysalis to soar above
beyond the shores of palpable realities…


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