Vignettes of Shadows


at twilight hour
when azure skies eruct
ripples of hues,
painting clouds in colors,
trees of verdant coat
under guise of darkness,
are silhouettes of
rustles and avian cacophony,
that stand draped in mystique
their umbras elastic
in the moment of sunset.

shadows shorten
at blazing hour of noon,
and lengthen at dusk
to blend in onyx night,
the rays of sunlight filtering
through boughs of leaves,
etch myriad shadows
with gold-tipped quill,
and on bosom of lakes
the wide spread branches
of trees standing ashore,
cast wrinkled shadows.

shadows of the past,
cast their realm in raven,
over blank bosom of today
they have a voice,
a soul and a feeling
as they alter form like
the shape-shifters of folklore,
and more faithful than
any friend ever it lingers
always and then as chameleon
they disappear when night
of despair unfolds…


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