Stories of Crepuscule…


when the day
that began as a yawn
of radiant vermilion,
finds an epilogue
in drawn curtains of
gossamer shades,
that drape the azure
in graffiti splayed clouds,
twilight is born.

with it enfold tales
in nature’s boulevard,
brocaded in sounds
colors and smells,
the glowworms samba,
songs of crickets,
avian cacophony
of returning birds,
rise of an early bird star,
the slow peppering
of sparkling dew
and the buzz of moths
beneath street lamps.

also commence stories
of lovers watching
sun set beneath tides,
while cerulean sonata
continues unabated,
of little children
playing with fireflies,
of beginning of
unfurling of night jasmines,
and of aroma of brewing tea
floating from kitchens…


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