Life Comes Full Circle


sipping tequila of summer sunshine
from crystal brandy balloons~
sequined in starlit sighs,
addicted to bittersweet bourbons
of a mixed-emotion nocturne,
cocktailed with insomniac mood swings,

I indulge in hallucinations
giggling in psychedelia which is a blend
of surreal jasmine’s smiles
and transient blush of cherry blossoms,
a confluence of antonymous realities
of daylight’s laughter and night’s gloom.

bipolar moods of existence are reflected
in impulsiveness and complacence,
drab brooding moments of a whimsical ughten
weaving a chiaroscuro with
ecstatic golds of a potpourri autumn,
or smiles seen in gaze of versicolor twilights,
antonyms coalescing to complete
the circle of bittersweet life…

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