The Lonely Mirror…


I hang alone
on this wall of nostalgia pealing
into acrylic layers,
gilded in old frame of ivory
and jaded by
the passage of fading years.

I reflect veracity~
truth is my echoing epiphany,
I harbor no illusion
and spin no delusions to mislead,
all grays, silver and wrinkles
I faithfully portray.

within me some find
the confidence of juvenile grace,
other try and use me
to hide behind layers of pretensions,
I have no voice, I am all eyes.

within me days unfold,
from dawn to dusk and beyond
my vigil of truth remains unabated,
within me a child grows up
and a wizened face beckons from
my silver-ish depths .

I am the anonymous love
for which narcissus pined away,
my muted song is the light,
with photon syllables I play
I know the secrets behind pretty faces
and have seen beauty fade away.

I shatter into parts when in frustration
a diva breaks me only to find her fading beauty,
reflected in infinite pieces of truth…


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