Being A Step Mother


she seeks to nurture
her as cuckoo in a raven’s nest
showering selfless affections
on her blisters
like soothing dewdrops,
sprinkling honeyed droplets
of winter sunshine,
as a panacea over sterilities
of a burnished autumn soul.

she dilutes morose overtones
of her loneliness,
negating her forlorn moods
stolen adoration is rediscovered,
like an orphaned embryo
finding lost fondle
of shriveled cotyledons,
a vestigial dream is reborn,
rejuvenated as a falling star
sequined again on celestial velvet.

blasphemed, misconstrued
and misunderstood, her motives doubted
she is forced to prove
her innocence, despite best intentions
she tries to impart love
yet loses her dignity being
bombarded in harsh, ugly epithets,
by heartless faces refusing
to believe in her honesty.

bruised by blunt words
scarred by dialogue like cutting knives,
she must endure such rudeness
and torturous behavior,
only to salvage another relation
stilted hymeneals forged
on conditional basis,
dependent on her warm acceptance.

poisoned by
notoriety of term, ‘stem mom’,
her love and affection
are eclipsed as silver moon,
and forever she must disapprove
this allegation, pruning her thoughts
and actions to suit
an imaginary straitjacket…


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