Autumn is a Burnished Memory


golden leaves,
burnished by amber sun,
fluttering with
precarious hold in
cinnamon scented breeze,
like flames on tree twigs
remind me of
your carefree laughter,
an aureate echo
penetrating the silence
of barren life’s moments.

twilight of fall is
a medley of splashed colors,
like a collage of dreams,
a parody of echoing verses,
it is reminiscent of
your variegated moods,
bittersweet memories
of our love and togetherness,
it is a graffiti of hope
of meeting you again,
that precedes onyx night
sequined in asters.

the aroma of saffron fall,
fills my nostrils as fragrance
of first love long lost,
like redolence of nutmeg
emanating from withered foliage
I am reminded of
your musky odor that
still lingers in my dreams
where it entered when
you held me close at night.

whimsy of autumnal rain
pouring from sailing clouds is
heard as a quaint rhapsody that
echoes on sidewalks covered
in tangerine quilts,
it is a reminder of
of those stormy tantrums
of your volatile temper,
and the tears that filled up
in your eyes’ depths…


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