night jasmines
born when twilight sun
seeds the womb of rising moon,
wither at dawn and
murmur to the sun in
fragrant syllables of reverence
as from child to father,
eagerly smiling to feel
fondling touch of sun-rays.

the rolling tides,
rising and ebbing caress
and kiss the relentless rock,
smothering it with kisses of brine,
making the sea shell say,
‘love blossoms within me
as opalescent pearl,
while this unmoved rock
will turn to sand with time’

the cherry blossoms
wither and fall quilting earth
with a shawl of pink,
and whisper to the sunflower,
‘ stop being an ardent sundial,
and enjoy the beauties around before
treacherously transient time
passes away’…

fireflies meandering
the obscure alleys of night,
boasts to the dancing moths,
‘I am my own lantern,
while you worship with frenzy
the light of another,
only to die within
ambiguity of night’s umbras.’

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