A Nurtured Love-Song…


abstract flutters burgeoning
within enceinte realms of amnion
like echoing whispers
of butterflies’graffiti-wings,
or stilted hiccups
of fractured lyrics of a love song
undone by life as a broken
string of soft opalescence,
are reminiscent of
volatile fluidities of
splashed daffodils laughter
on wool-clad spring morns
still peppered in silver frost.

I feel a heart beat within my soul,
a feeble pulse threads itself
as a nascent sigh within my racing pulse,
a dream emerges in rainbow ambiance
from within chrysalis of oblivion,
a hope blossoms like cerise dawn
imparting concrete definition
to surreal susurrus of romance,
tamarind flavors on my tongue
is the shadow of mischief
nurtured within unseen depths.

blurred vision of myopic windows
ailing from winter’s malady,
fails to interpret translucence
of peppered frost and veiling mists,
and indulges in daydreams
reflecting with eyes of imagery,
or sojourns in sepia trails
of yesterdays withered as wares
of a wastrel, moody autumn,
and I imitate these vague panes
reliving the lost past in
silences pregnant with murmurs
of faded hours, days, years.

this is the poetry of my love
scribed by tender togetherness
and a flagrant passion,
I nurture it, cherishing it
caressing it in soft strokes,
words are strung into sentences,
parts of speech piecing
themselves into a solved jigsaw,
futilities buried in past moments
are revived in a fresh verse,
adorned in metaphors and similes,
this is rejuvenation
of a faltering hope tapestried
as a rainbow of azure skies
after tempest tattoo hours in kohl…


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