Birth of a Star


inner turmoils,
brocade vignettes of woe
and rippling cascades,
whirling hurricanes
of words and thoughts
concoct serenades
and stories, fables and
fairy tales filled with
fantasy and imagery,
metaphors and similes.

with paint brush of
dipped in palette of
molten rainbows,
aisles are adorned in
stolen moments of life,
of evanesced memories
or epitomes of fantasy.

when asters born
of elixir droplets sprinkled
over the sable infinite,
from bosom of Hera
collide on cosmic sojourns,
comets are born,
etching shimmering paths
by jazzing on stardust feet.

and in magmatic depths
of earth’s cauldrons,
hibernating skeletons
of ancient timber,
turn into prismatic diamonds
that sparkle forever
weaving gossamer veils
of variegated rays…

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