She Blushes in Apple Blossoms


apple blossoms1

on flamingo february mornings,
a lecherous winter sun
winks broadly at cerise dawn
as it stretches golden limbs
between ancient hills
tinted in amber shadows,
by winter’s eloquent whimsy.

apple blossoms3

she is innocence
a nascent whisper blooming
in spring’s boudoir,
scented in wistful dreams
~an embroidered song
on blue bonnet skies’ organza
by sunshine needles
wielded by nimble breeze.

apple blossoms4

river borrows pink aubade of dawn
reflecting it in fluid, rippling lyrics
singing its own version
framed in silver asters of daylight,
drowsy lilies open crinkled eyes
to read this poetry writ in soft pinks
adding couplets of her scented syllables.

apple blossoms2

prima dona orchids yawn
in redolent epistles in early hours
wearing her night gown
of abstract candy-floss sighs,
and wakes to hurriedly change
in pink silk gowns
to preen on sinuous stalks
as the reigning queen of march…

apple blossoms


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