She is Moonlight



She is moonlight
of alabaster skin
and velvet footsteps
shod in tranquility
she ascends
the winding staircase of night
a sheen of dirty silver
concocted of ebon kohl
mingling with silver fingerprints
of self and asters
its walls studded
with starry constellations
born aeons ago
from seeds of Hera’s milk drops
stolen from suckling lips
of cherubic Hercules.

fumes of intoxicating breath
of nightjasmine just opening her
yet unfurled dormant petals
droop her silver eyelashes
with soporific aura
as perfume wreaths
itself through her nostrils
and as she ascendes
the lofty heavens on steps
of whimsical floating clouds
of mascara streaks
her gossamer, shimmering veil
like a cascade
of effervescent white wine
tasting of fresh sea salts
and sweet raspberries
spreads itself as a quilt
of cobwebby moonlight
over the face
of lethargic, drowsy earth.

her veil ripples
as sublime waves of champagne
their coronets of froth
dazzling as stardust tiaras
moths drunk on
its sweet drops of elixir
dance in frenzy
intoxicated by sparkling wine,

reflection of
a glimpse of snowy blizzard
from gaze of lunar eyes
cobweb of Morpheus
strewn with incandescent dreams
spun on loom of
the elusive woman on moon
an intricate reticulum
of strands of light
borrowed from ethereal flames
of indomitable hope
resembling refulgent bosom
of flowing bay under sunlight
this is the soothing moonlight.

a rhapsody of sheen
from faces of dewdrops
and rays of light seived
by prismatic profile of diamonds
with the eburnean echo
of amaranthine faith
transient smile of
sublime hursinghars
and cherry blossoms.

this is moonlight
a parody of unrealized desires
whithered hopes
with nascent dreams
and evanescent drops
of tears showered
as drizzle of benevolence
to mitigate ebon darkness
of the labyrinthine alleyes
draped in loneliness
and which enter
my boudoir to bathe me
in shower of canescent caresses…

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