I Became…




as a harsinghar
I bloomed
within night’s chrysalis,
breathing ethereal scents into
nostrils of earth in slumber,

tantalizing the hanging moon,
filling redolence into
roses’ pitcher of dreams,

whispering scented sonatas
to insomniac night breeze~
while you slept unawares

–until the dawn caught me
in cerise dew-stud fingers to
christen me- a blend of
moonlight and aurora’s grin,
as a spawn of twilight…


becoming a sparrow
drab, brown and garrulous,
I chirped on dewy greens,
chattering to all and sundry
breathing in
the tangerine freshness
of a mandarin sun at daybreak,

skipping and jumping
with nervous squirrels and
seeking in vain
to catch butterflies,
I pecked at tiny grains from
the earth’s platter of bounty,

puddles became pools of rapture
high perched
on lofty boughs I watched
as you searched for me,
only to find me in feigned sleep
at dusk after a day’s fun.


I became a conch lying ashore
listening to the sea’s symphonies,
as waves of cerulean brine,
splashed ashore to smash sand castles,

I saw the eructation
of the solar fruit at dawn on blue,
only to be swallowed at crepuscule;
watched sea gulls soar
and heard their quaint threnodies,

the music of tidal cacophony
seeped within my soul,
to emerge as sweet tune when
your lips touched mine on
the altar of reverence,
as after eternal loss you found me
though unknown to you…

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