She was a Paper Lantern


paper lantern

her alabaster realms
oft winked in twilight’s purple smudges,
explained by plausibility
of fabricated excuses,
that failed to erase dark umbras
floating in bruised gaze
of fluid, too bright eyes.

her laughter was brittle
like the echo of glass bangles
shattering into splinters
on harshness of indifferent concrete,
a voice as silhouettes of ughten
~ darkness preluding aurora’s gold,
her moods flickering
as a tempest’s temperament,
grayish and thunderous
or tinted in liquid rainbow smiles.

hers was a dual existence,
a deliberate split personality–
she wore expressions like bland mask
her deep thoughts unfathomable,
those that she hid even from self
she believed her own lies
living in illusions of fairy tales,
scared of ugly realities.

living a seemingly enviable life,
she often seemed alone in crowds
lost in her own contemplation
a sigh of pain clung
to her skin like a rancid odor
refusing to be washed away,
she was wrapped in invisible secrets
like winter mist’s ambiguities.

yearnings tinged her smiles
hope the artlessness of her grins,
she craved to be a paper lantern
destined to scatter
radiance in nocturnal darkness,
adding sweetness of milk
to bitter espressos of existence.

rain-songs mutely flowed
on her grief-stained cheeks,
hastily adsorbed on paper tissues
in stolen moments,
she was a mirage~
her life a pieced kaleidoscope
formed of stained glass fragments,
beautiful but useless.

he had lured her naiveté,
tentacles of soft words imprisoning her
enthralled by his charm
she was ensnared assuming
bright dead leaves to be flowers,
now her illusions shattered
she see sneers in his plastic smiles
and abused by cutting sarcasm
she must wear crayon smiles
painted on poker faces
to salvage her humiliated pride…


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