Optical Infidelities of Light



of treacherous light,
are etched beyond edges
of clarity of both vision and reason
as hallucinations ensnare
like phosphorescence of mystique
and apparitions in shadows
assumed at night.

child play

imagination resorts
to mischief like a bored child
on sultry summer days,
to paint silver water patches
of shimmering mirages
on sinuous trails to tease
the stern summer sun.

Happy child with painted hands

prisms scissor light rays
into splintered fragments of rainbows
~pieces of broken glass bangles
of dusky tempest,
the moon descends to sleep
on rippling bays,
and even in your steaming soup,
despite being fondled
by fingers of cottony clouds.


pantomimes of fall
seem like reincarnation of spring
with leaves becoming petals,
to scent days in piquant sighs,
often nature seeks
to cuckold the pragmatic mind
creating fantasies
on its versatile loom,
to revel in its power to fool.

colors of fall


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