Moon Speaks in Sparkling Syllables…


moon is a pallid sigh
lingering on
edges of cosmic quietude,
as a leftover crumb
from lunch table
of daylight’s chaos.

huddled shadows
gossip in eerie whispers,
beneath gossamer bed covers
of moonlight satin,
while wistful bay indulges
in fumbling, stuttering dream
of a crumpled moon.

a lonely maple
reaches high on tiptoe,
to try to pluck
harvest moon from
unfathomable depths of nights,
with leafless fingers
like prongs of a giant fork,
grasping at opportunities
as shooting stars.

hurling waves
crash against fang-like shores
as shattering hopes,
while a pearl moon
seeds oyster wombs in
reflections of secret fantasies
and echoing promiscuities.

moths flutter
their inadequacies
under a delinquent streetlight,
craving all the while
for elusive moon perched
high on a stagnant indigo moment,
cynical smile ridiculing
the moth’s illusions.


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