Poetry in Marble



marble temple

temple of blessed quietude
-a poetry carved in marble,
or spun of moonbeams stolen
by dawn from night’s boudoir,


stood echoing with
chants of swaying bells
and hymns of priests
besides guttural grunts
of pigeons attracted to
serene realms of meditation,

while soothing aroma of
potpourri of flowers and incense
filled nostrils of cool breeze.

and this haven of tranquility
stood beside tea gardens in verdure
that breathe fragrance of
rejuvenation to awaken drowsy morns
lazily curled up beneath
fleece blanket of eternal clouds.

wherein dewdrops shone
on chartreuse lips of auxiliary buds,
softly drinking in sunshine,
and giant trees stood
as guards protecting a castle of riches,
amid this beauty of nature
surrounded by distant hills of azure
my youth blossomed
rejuvenated and devoted…

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