Lethargy of a Cuddly Morn…



one lethargic morning
lazily stretching golden arms
to come out of night’s chrysalis
as a metamorphosed butterfly
of diaphanous wings,
lingered a tad longer within
cozy comfort of cloudy quilts,

the eager sun burst
at the kohl tinted horizons
in vermilion anticipation,
bathing realms of faint light
in cascading photons,

while a content moon still
slept on the lofty arms of a tree
disrobed by autumnal breeze,
casting its soft glow on
face of tranquil earth in slumber
as sparkling pearls of dew.

hence the primordial dawn
basked in sunshine’s tequila and
pouring vermouth from moon’s lips,
for once tasting an elusive cocktail
to delight ravenous senses,

the moon is like a juvenile lass
blushing an amber gold
beneath the caressing gaze of
her beloved and the photon kisses
burnt on her serene visage by sun-flames.

while lovers separated by
stringent norms of the hourglass
smile at each other before
one completely loses itself in
refulgent embrace of the other.


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