Images of Autumn


silently standing nude skeletons
of sentries of nature,
once covered by lush
green foliage,
dappled by fragrant blossoms
peeping and smiling shyly,
laden with ripe juicy fruits
luring chirpy winged gluttons–

on bent boughs akin to
the embracing arms of Nature
the leaves that rustled in unison
to share untold secrets
with the gossiping wind
that were stitched by agile beaks
of the avian seamstress
into cozy welcoming coves
have long fallen and flown away–

their freshness is lost
their greenery has  turned to
yellow ,orange, red and brown
by the deft strokes
of Nature’s brush, wielded by Time

the air is balmy
its pace calm , mellow, still
the spirit of autumn
is in the air–

her aura pervades the environs
as her image peers into
nature’s veranda
through silent skeletoned groves~

standing forlorn
reminiscing the past
as an old man
past meads of youth
and cradle of childhood…

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