Glimpses in Yellow…


Glimpses in Yellow








icteric glow of street light,
winks at jealous moon
hung high afar,
as enamored moths
dance in its radiance
assuming it to be moon,
forming chiaroscuro on
asphalted bosom
of winding gravel trails.

petals of
sublime frangipani,
are dappled in
a sunshine yellow
by nature’s paint brush,
as a summer firefly
casting its fluorescence,
on snow-white corolla.

moths of vagrancy
humming serenades of love
in Vertumnus’ carnival,
with wings fringed in kohl
and splattered in
yellow polka dot pollens,
are cassanovas of spring
flirting with blooming flowers.

sunflowers smiling
jubilantly in cascading tequila
of a summer day
are eyes of unrequited love,
gazing mesmerized at
oblivious beloved,
wearing sun-flame corona
on brown heads.

yellowed pages
of dogeared, moth-eaten diaries
with scribbles of sepia anecdotes
faded from fragile paper,
and pressed rose petals
of lingering memory~
are reverberations
from alleys of forgotten past
revived when pages are reread
after time’s passage.

cinnamon autumn
in variegated pastels
has many shades of yellow,
speckling foliage-faces,
once a garrulous verdure with
strokes of an array of yellows,
for in fall leaves seek
to masquerade as petals
with soft cinnamon scents.


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