Jasmine-scented Memories of Childhood…




moist, dewy morns
peppered in honeydew sunshine,
caressed by morning breeze
softly on blushing, vermilion cheeks,
fringed in translucent frills of mist
with lingering fragrance of
faint sighs of withered jasmines
that cover grass in sublime quilt,
still hover in sepia memories,
that scent familiar and precious
like taste of acerbic berries
and sips of aromatic brew of green tea.

in my pinafores of adolescence,
still drowsy with soporific dreams
of blanket cuddled nights,
I traipsed in my backyard
every spring dawn to pick hursinghars
sweet scented blossom of ethereal scent
a blend of white and orange
like tangerine juice spilled dusk
whence daylight is wedded to moonlight.

flowers I collected with care
to string into redolent garlands
not to ornament my raven mane but
to be offered in reverence on pedestal
of deities in devotion and prayer,
perhaps many a hope blossomed
and many dreams turned into reality
because of my humble offerings
of redolent night jasmines ,making
them a treasured childhood memory…


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