Glimpses of Morning Star…


glowing on 
brightening azure,
blushing in vermilion sprinkles
of virgin aurora,
while the pale sliver of moon
lingers on skies
freckled in clouds fringed
in glittering gold dust,
from the quill of sunbeams,
as a wordless song
lurking in the throat,
the pole star glows
as the silver lantern of hope.

when night departs leaving
its kohl as shadows
of trees basking in sun’s smile,
and with its moonlight 
splattered as molten droplets
on verdant flutters as dew,
while truant stars siesta
on the rippling bay of teal,
leaving a drowsy sun awakening
with its yawn of volatile gold,
from between the hill’s arms
and a morning star shining
as last night’s fragile dream
evanesced from eyelids of sleep.

the north star is a gem
aglow on the sublime horizons,
as though bejeweled in
the wedding band of the day
when the sun weds the sunflower,
its rays echo softly over
the peppered jasmines
showered on the earth’s bosom,
its light fell in bright syllables
on the face of docile dawn~
like desires of a little girl,
until the sun-flames with
their dazzling rays hide this
soft glow into oblivion…


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