Soft Strain of Raindrops…


falling rain rain pours

strain of
pouring rain,
strummed on
amoebic grey-white~
piano keys sailing on
muddied cerulean,
echoes on
breast of roof tiles.

and scented sighs
of drenched roses
mingles with
the breathed warmth
from salved sores
of sunburned soil,
creating bittersweet
cocktail for senses.

as moist fingers
of mist cover
clear glass panes
with hazy layer
of pseud-dew,
and a sheepish sun
hides beneath
tempest’s curtains
in flutter.

till fingers
of the rainbow,
erase the fluid kohl
from face of azure,
to adorn
the bride nature
in gossamer veil
of aureate sunshine,
while gluttonous rays
lick away
all dishwater puddles
from gravel trails.

and as this
of myriad sounds,
unfolds before
my sun-parched eyes
thirsting for
cloud’s ambrosia,
I stand my the window
watching rain
and thunder,
yearning to dance
as the eucalyptuses
in the pouring rain…

ripples of raindrops


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