Rain-Painted Windows



Dust-covered window panes
covered in acne marks of cobwebs,
and scratches of sunshine’s fingernails,
hide behind brocade curtains
wearing a film of translucence
rarely is the moon allowed to peep in
nor does the sun’s glare
erase the lenghthening shadows.

But the monsoon’s strain 
echoing in crystal syllables on rooftops,
tapper on glass panes as a parody
of bittersweet symphony of existence,
washing away all dust, grime and spider webs
and photon droplets of liquid sunshine,

Together etch a hand-painted scene
like the glimpse of dream come alive,
with trees lush green swaying to the rainsong,
a sun grinning sheepishly from
behind charcoal smeared clouds while
in the verdant palm of the garden
bruised rose petals lie scattered,
like the tinge of sorrow that lingers
in the realms of life’s pleasant moments…


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