Piecing Summer’s Jigsaw…




within curdled depths

of rancid summer afternoons,

the refrigerator no longer sighs

in soft, misted murmurs,

the air conditioner indulges

in daydream lapses,

on lethargic winter eventides

echoing with cackling monologues

of November inglenooks,

electric buzz of humming cicadas

is ignored in moments

scented in syllables

of brewing chamomile tea.


singed borders

of withering marigolds,

pepper grass blades in softness,

gaudy grins of china roses

hedge caressing days in stale scents,

sunbeams of seasoned fragility

are scissored into concentric curves

of chiaroscuros,

like crepe-paper ribbons,

by razor-sharp tongues

of elastic, whimsical shadows .


doves on tired, reluctant wings,

coo in cotton-puff monosyllables,

freckling summer mornings

in the sparkle of dewy naiveté.

fractured gerunds glissade,

as silver waterfall cascading sonnets,

reverberating within secrets

of verdure  woods, yet to be unraveled,

when winter talcumed peaks

croon in lyrical waterfalls.


evenings have sultry moods,

like silken pleats on gypsy clouds ,

gulped down parched feelings

and sweating crystal glasses

of sherbet cool sensibilities

like water poured

on sizzling splutters of leaves

burnished and bronzed

on hot frying pan august noons…



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