Orphaned Lyrics of a Vagrant Song


an orphaned song 
longs for lyrical syllables 
long withered as wizened thoughts
of ripening October days,
and rhythm bleached
from faded sighs of the muse.

faint susurrus 
of confidence echoes softly
like dogeared words reiterating 
from geometric contours 
of igneous juggernauts,
only to float as 
winged seeds of dreams
yet to germinate 
on the soil of reality.

thrill pulses like
gulped caffeine sips
singeing walls of 
intricate tapestry on flesh,
as resonant vowels 
adding spark to the sinews
of insipid consonants,
only to pepper as dewdrops
of complacence over
the velvet blades of relief.

within catacombs of 
mind’s riddling contemplations 
lurk umbras of long coffined mistakes,
emaciated regrets amid 
cushions of comforting memories,
and weaving through 
cluttered attics of a past 
forgotten yet not buried deep,
I seek to gather
withered frangipani of bliss
under scorching rays 
of the noon of adversities…

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