Spring is a sonneteer of flowers…



vermilion lips wear
smiles like swaying poppies
bathed in filigree sunshine dreams,
mesmerizing all
with soporific whispers.

eyes are frangipani,
scented with gazes of naiveté,
twinkling mischief in glowworm irises,
winking golden within
sighing poetry of sublime petals.

apple blossoms bloom
in satin pink on blushing cheeks,
dimpling her soft words
in brackets of honeyed sweetness,
casting cerise glow
on the face of dawning morn.

slender, sinuous stalk
of pink, sweet-scented orchids,
or casablanca scrawled
in perfumed epistles of poetry,
epitomize elegance in
cursive calligraphy of her neck.

giggles are buttercups
splattered, spicing monotony of green,
laughter bursts its exuberance
in daffodils melting frosted murmurs
of nascent spring with their warm sunshine.

lotuses abloom on ripples,
are her palms spread in fragrant sigh,
to garner honeydew and moth’s strains,
braided in her mane are artless marigolds
and hursinghars plucked by moonlight,
she leaves footprints as amaranths
emblazoned in memory~
she is spring~ nubile and unforgettable…


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