Reminiscences of Beaver Moon…


filigree silver of snowflakes
covers landscapes
in a quilt of radiance,
underneath hide embryos
hibernating and dreaming of
honeydew spring.

a freckled face
peers down in intrigue~
an opal studded amid
shimmering constellations,
drinking in tranquility
with its champagne gaze.

bathed in
the pouring vermouth
of moonbeams,
shadows sketch apparitions
with moonlight,
in silence echoing with
whispers of falling snow.

trees are mannequins
gowned in glimmer of snow,
with gossamer veil
of moonlight enhancing
their sublime elegance under
a gem-stoned night sky.

within frozen womb
of earth slumbers the redolence
of daffodils yet to bloom–
the moonlit hymn sung by zephyr
with fireflies winking within…


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