Lullabies Nature Croons…


sing to the leaves
on skeleton fingers
of tired trees,
lullabies under
the velvet night,
lulling even
insomniac stars
asleep beneath
fleece blankets of

cool summer breeze
croons to
twinkling glowworms,
with quaint rhapsody
of crickets
putting them
to sleep on
swaying branches
of starlit thistle,
while even
the amber moon
and its enamored moths
are lost in slumber
by midnight.

lark, nightingale,
and cuckoo,
serenade to
scented apostles
of spring,
a soft, soporific echo
in perfumed gardens,
puts flowers
to afternoon siestas,
despite blazing lantern
on cerulean heights.

tidal symphony
in moon’s sheen,
is sung by tireless waves,
to ancient igneous,
lethargic gulls
and pregnant oysters,
after sun retires
on tangerine footprints
leaving a long night
and lure of dreams
beyond realities shores…


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