Dying Dreams of Dandelions…



obscurities of fog yield
to washcloth of an early bird sun,
with fickle sensibilities,
painting honeydew mood swings
on azure recollections,
in a frozen sigh of water-color waves.

the day awakens in
bosom of blushing hills on horizon,
winking at crescent moon~
lingering as a memory of lost dreams,
as it floods rippling waters
in starry constellations.

amid sunrays freckling
dewdrops in glowworm radiance,
dandelions droop, their smiles
faint and faded like stale cookies~
crumbling in despair,
they refuse to swing and play
in autumn infested meads,
as leaves bronze in furls of fall.

reckless autumn tramples blossoms
singing foliage to mimic fluttering flames,
as a reiterating summer
croons its swansong in showers
of pouring monsoons…


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