Incarnation of Dawn


in glissading saffron silks
with rose-tipped fingers and golden arms,
Eos heralds a nascent morn,
emerging from tidal realms of Oceanus,
to dispel ambiguities of night
with her intuitive glance.

hues from chandeliers of Iris
are reflected on azure canvas
and docile silence of streams mirrors
nocturnal carnival,
that freckled night’s mystique.

her chariot sails
sprinkling embers of daylight,
as Helios embarks on odyssey
across celestial dome~
like a demure bride
leaving crimson footprints
emblazoned on floating clouds.

Alectryon crows
to wake earth from her slumber,
as hursinghars fill
cupped palms of dawn in scents,
incarnate of lovelorn Clytia
gazes raptly at sun,
rejuvenated by aura of Sol.

trickling tears of Aurora
testify her maternal adoration,
glistening as pearls on nature’s tiara~
minuscule vignettes of incandescence.

panorama unfolds in irises
of voyeur windows,
I witness the exquisite beauty,
while morning breeze caresses
my tangled tresses,
vapors of lingering sleep
dissolve in fluidity of sunshine…

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