Caffeine Saga


aroma of freshly brewed coffee,
leads me gently by the hand;
as some old, long lost friend
down  cobwebby alleys
of antiquated memories,
or faded from mind’s canvas.

like rose petals
desiccated within yellowed diaries,
a faint redolence lingering steadfastly,
I reminiscence, memories pouring in;
as sunlight peeps through blinds at dawn.

I recall mother’s frothy coffee
the perfect blend of sugar and caffeine,
concocted with love
to warm, refresh, rejuvenate.

I recall shared thoughts with father
over a relaxed cup of coffee,
exhaustion melting with
smell of coffee in nostrils!
heat froze on icy glass of cold coffee
with dashes of vanilla ice-cream.

awkwardness evaporated friendship evolved
in midst of coffee  sweating or steaming in mugs;
every slogged hour of exams/p>
was befriended by strong coffee,
oh! the endless saga
of my friendship with coffee…


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