Kick of Candy


baby in womb

Sailing within realms
of amniotic complacence
while anxieties soared outside
like moods of barometric mercury,
you were seemingly
too lazy to bother with
a breast or butterfly stroke
inside aureate fluidities,
while I eagerly awaited
that softly knocked greeting
which’d strum a caramel rain-song
on frowning lips of worry.


Palms cold and clammy,
sought to feel the faintest of moves
tracing enceinte contours,
as murmured prayer was
whispered in ears of taut silence,
brine filled eyes
refused to shed tears lest they
be a harbinger of ill omen,
the clocks tick tattooed drum beats
as apprehension mounted
and anxious limbs sped towards
alleys of recourse or remedy.


The echo of heart beat
was placating and musical sounding
through maze of inanimate wires,
as a hesitant smile dawned
reminiscent of crescent moon
on tempestuous night-skies,
reassuring, professional words revealed
your innocent mischief


and with no bitter pills to swallow
sucking a proffered ├ęclairs
and pockets full of chocolate I returned
with you now apparently
riding an imagined bicycle inside
revitalized to spurn lethargy
after the sumptuous kick of candy.



A Pocketful of Thoughts ( Vignettes)


sorrows are dewdrops
licked away like treacle droplets
by tongues of sunlit volatilities,
~ as laughter sweeps away
cobwebby realities of gloom.

moon weeps honeydew silences
on nights strewn
in whispered ambiguities,
while stardusted constellations
echo with versatile gossips,
as insomnia indulges in
moonlit rendezvous,
gulping on cafe noir darkness
to discover mysteries
hidden in obscure silhouettes.

wind-chimes tinkle
under invisible touch of breeze
on shivering january morns,
punctuating snowflakes’ sonnets
in fluid musicalities,
that jar trance of frosts
frozen on window-pane clarities.

venting pent up emotions
azure skies drench life in rain-songs
curdling complacence
of stoic potholes with syllables
garbled like reverberations
from a broken string of pearls.

dancing in falling rain
peacock fans brocaded expectations,
spun of versicolor silk
~a blend of thoughts from
verdant earth and blue heavens,
uaware of the rose’s plight
as fingers of heartless tempest
pluck away its scented petals
to scatter on the grass
like tattered, withered hopes.

If Love Could Paint the Sky


if love finger-painted
her versatilities on the azure canvas
bland familiarities of noon sky would be colored
in its spectral moods,
twilights and dawns not just transient graffitis
expressed on skies’ complacence.

rainbows would laugh in abstract shapes
on cornflower heavens,
revealing myriad sentiments braided in love,
like lyrics of a romantic strain
splattered in variegated fonts on sky.

tempests would smear skies
with their unpredictabilities more often,
cafe noir of love’s angst being spilled in greys
on the cobblestones of stars.

while sunshine wooing
shadows with gold-dusted promises,
would be the reflection
of the flush of first love and desire,
as love indulged in painting exploits.

A Memory Relived


pigeons on sidewalks

pink-eyed naivete roving
over cobblestone indifferences,
echoing with autumn’s mandarin sighs
or finger-painted in whimsical umbras
and joining with pothole lyrics
in tempest’s serenades
seek grains of sustenance,
on barren concrete.

she walks over to
onyx creatures brocading
brooding afternoons in flutters,
to fill her emptiness
with ambiguous mutterings
reverberating amid
preoccupied skyscrapers.

she shares warmth
and her unvoiced contemplations,
those memories of a backyard
where pigeons had composed
aubades for dawns
miming sakura’s laughter,
and sung lullabies to sun
retreating at twilight~

revived as pigeons grumble
at crowds without sympathy and leisure
to share a few grains and words.

Honeydew Winters


honeydew winters
herald in lukewarm filigree dawns
and days like firefly winks
brocaded on frozen lakes’ sighs,
while elastic nights
gape as chasms of insomnia~

under a preoccupied moon
drunk on liquor to ward off chill
as cuddled affections
within blanketed privacies
warm relationships
in shared treacle kisses.

brewed cappuccinos
are chilled by frosty whispers
of a wet fingered winter fog,
their passionate heat
a lukewarm leftover like the kiss
of amber embers dozing in
mute fireplaces at midnight.

flavors of citrus delights
spawned by winter’s fertilities,
are tasted in crisp dawns
adorning in sakura blushes,
onyx nights are like hot chocolate
coating tongues of insomnia,
in luscious dreams
under warmth of mink blankets.

Snow-Kissed Firs in Winter


grayish-azure, overcast skies
finger-paint verdure needles of fir
in argent desires and introspections,
smearing their shivering realms
in volatile warmth of memories
of a lost summer dream,
which shimmered like a sequined veil
on the rippling bosom of mute bays
in the blazing sunshine,
and etched transience in form
of chiaroscuros at their feet.

wisps of cotton wool sighs,
drape the silent contours of winter
in frosted, moonlit anticipation,
fir trees eagerly await
festivities scented in myrtle syllables
lit in soft glow of rainbow lamps
and flavored in baking sumptuousness,
where glitter-paper wrapped gifts
are piled under its frozen thoughts.

the winter sun sprinkles
treacle on fir’s frostbitten boughs,
like a baker sugaring bronzed delights
in saccharine sentiments,
the wind sighs chilled sonnets
on window cheeks,
scribbled in gold-dusted alphabets
by wizened fingers of aged westerlies,
to be read by myopic sun
too preoccupied in munching
on snowflakes popsicles.

Rain-Song Lyrics


tempest croons songs
in fluid syllables from azure,
as piano key clouds
adorn their bland lyrics
in symphonic notes,
and drenched sheepish leafage
joins in the echoing chorus.

grinning flowers
with faces peppered in raindrops
hum in fragrant whispers,
their soft voice adding consonants
to the vowels of petrichor,
while invisible fingers of rain
pluck petals from wet coronas.

peacocks spread
their dreams tapestried in silk
under whimsical strains of rain
etching potholes in musical rhapsodies,
and pattering on jigsaw cobblestones
to scribe their imageries
on dried flutters of tangerine fall.

raindrops splattered on
transparencies of window-panes
gather the stingy gold sprinkled
as photon-dust by Midas tempest sun,
to adorn in rainbow idiosyncrasies
and liquid fantasies,
while a grey tinted cerulean canvas
is painted in transience
of shimmering spectral imaginations.

the raindrops sing
about the colors splattered
by versatile moods of fading twilight
and the cherry blossom
speculations of blossoming aurora,
of foliage conversations
moulded into poetry by tempest,
and roof tiles harshness
tempered into melodies by rain.